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Who am I?

Hi! I am Gloria. I like lots of things and definitely wine is one of them. ( I also like water-polo, but I am not a great player at all…though still trying to become the best player ever).

 What is Glorious Wines all about?

Do you get sometimes overwhelmed by the huge selection of wines? You know… that moment when you are in a really nice restaurant that you have been looking forward to go for a looooong time… and then…. there it is… the moment of truth… the wine menu. ‘OH NO!!! They don’t have the wine I like, what do I do now????’.

It is easy to get to know one or two wines you like, in the past for me that would have been Rioja Reserve 2005 and 2011 vintage. I knew this because I have tried them before and I really liked them, so the dates and the wine type stuck to my brain. Every time I went out for dinner and saw Rioja Reserve in the menu, I felt confident…. I knew what I wanted.

Then, something strange happened… I got curious, I wanted to learn more about wines. I even tried white wines. To my surprise I realised I like Sauvignon Blanc, which it is a very different taste from a red rioja wine. I have to say that it was a wine opener… whoops I meant eye opener!

Wine lingo can be pretty overwhelming, all those strong and strange words… bouquet, on the nose, wet grass…

’bouquet?… bouquet of flowers?’

‘on the nose?’… ‘I can’t smell a thing!’

 ‘wet grass?’… ‘not a chance!’

I did find the jargon really hard, all those wine names, regions, grapes… all very confusing.  So Glorious Wines was born. We wanted to create educational tools for those that want to learn about wine without the complicated and sometimes snobbery words attached to the wine world. In an easy and fun way, from the comfort of your home.


Are you ready to start your wine adventure? 

Come on, let’s join me in your wine discovery adventure … who knows after all we may even end sounding like wine snobs!

So let’s start our wine tasting online adventure today, check our courses here.


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