The must have to learn and enjoy wine

When it comes to enjoying wine, the must have are: 

  • Great wine
  • Great wine glasses
  • Great friends 

Great wine:

  • We are currently putting a wine tasting kit together with different wines from all around the world, so that you have the opportunity to taste different wines at home while you learn about wine. Our first kit is due to launch in December 2021.


Great wine glasses:

  • When participating in professional wine tasting courses like the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the ISO glasses are used. However, my favourite wine glasses to use are the universal Zalto glasses. You can use these glasses for red or white wine and even sparkling wine, they are super slick and elegant. 


Great friends:

  • These are not essential but sharing experiences with friends tends to make it more fun.

Wine Openers

I must admit I was slightly afraid of the waiter’s friend corkscrew till I actually gave it a go. Once you know how to use them, there are super handy.

Waiters’ friend


  • Le Creuset 3-in-1 waiters corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter.
  • Easy to use and clean (hand wash only)
  • Light, effective and elegant.




    Lever pull corkscrew


    • Le Creuset lever pull corkscrew .
    • Suitable for all cork types.
    • Very handy if you have lots of wine bottles to open. Loving the wine makers included in this pack.

    Wine glasses

    Currently there is a huge selection of wine glasses, but if you want to keep it simple these glasses are perfect, as you can use it for both, white wine and red wine. 

    Zalto Wine Glasses 

    •  Zalto Denk’Art Universal wine glasses are my favourite.
    • There are light, high quality wine glasses. Super elegant and diswashwer friendly.
    • There are suitable for white and red wine.

    ISO tasting glasses

    • Six Arcoroc Viticole wine tasting glasses
    • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approved.
    • With a tall bowl ideal for swirling and capture the wine aromas, durable and dishwasher safe.
    • These glasses are also suitable for white and red wines.

    Wine coolers

    Wine coolers are very handy if you are a white wine or sparkling wine drinker. I really like these two:

    Black wine bottle cooler


    • Le Creuset black wine bottle cooler.
    • For all shapes of 75cl wine bottles.
    • Cool-down from top to bottom.

    Grey wine bottle cooler


    • Le Creuset Grey Wine bottle cooler.
    • Large area for rapid cooling.f
    • For all shapes of 75cl wine bottles.
    • Cool-down from top to bottom.

    Wine markers

    Very handy when there is more than two people having a glass of wine.

     Wine glass markers


     Wine glass tag markers


    Wine preservation systems

    Worth investing in one of these systems, unless of course you always finish the bottle of wine on the day you open it!

    Wine Pump


    • Le Creuset wine pump with three wine stoppers.
    • Another of my favourite items! It keeps your wine fresh for longer, as it remove the oxygen out of the bottle.
    • It is super easy to use and super easy to clean.


    Coravin lets you pour a glass of wine without opening the bottle and without letting any oxygen into the bottle.  It is an expensive accessory, but worth the money if you want to have a glass of wine rather than having to open the bottle.


      Wine books

      Jancis Robinson  is a legend when it comes to simplifying the foreign language of wines. Here are my two favourite books from Jancis: 

      The World Atlas of Wine by Jancis Robinson

      • Jancis Robinson is the legend when it comes to simplify the foreign language of wines.  
      • This book in particular has everything you need to know if you want to learn it all! 
      • I totally recommend checking her out. 


      The 24 hour wine expert

      • The 24 hour wine expert by Jancis Robinson.

      • It is a great book for beginners. 


      Wine Folly:Magnum Edition

      • Wine Folly:Magnum Edition: The Master Guide
      • Madeline Puckette another legend when it comes to simplify wine. Madeline in addition to be a sommelier, she is an incredible talented graphic designer. Her books are full of graphics to help you learn about wine in an easy way.
      • I got the kindle version and the printed version. I would recommend the printed version as the kindle version is a bit awkward to navigate through.


       Wine Simple




      Food books & blogs

      Here are my current two favourites food blogs/books:

      Tapas Revolution


      Wiccan Cuisine


      Wine aromas

      Wine Aromas: 54 Flavours by Jean Renoir

      • Try to gets what aromas are you smelling in your wines?

      • This kit is really kit is super helpful.



      Wine Aromas: Wine Faults By Jean Renoir 

      • This wine faults kit, cover the main wine faults.

      The Wine Tasting Kits by Glorious Wines - Coming Soon!








      International Grapes Wine Tasting Kit



      Glorious wines aroma kit

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