The Wine Tasting Kits 


Are you confused by all the wine lingo?

All those strange wine names, grapes, regions, aromas?

If a wine smells of strawberries does it mean it was made with strawberries? Were the strawberries next to the field where the grapes were growing? Where are the aromas coming from?

These are the type of questions I used to ask myself when I started my wine discovery journey. Due to getting frustrated about all the complication around the wines, I decided to create Glorious Wines. My first project was The Wine Tasting Kit. The Kit is designed to give you all the information you need to start decoding the wine world and make it much easier and fun to learn about wine. 

For those that know me for a long time, I am sure you have been hearing me talking about the Wine Tasting Kit a lot. As I have been working on this kit since 2017 (if not earlier)… it has changed so many time its format, looks, pack items, etc. But I am now really happy I have it almost ready for you!

It consists of an incredible pack where you will get everything you need to learn about wines in an easy and fun way from the comfort of your home. The pack will arrive to your door. You just open it and enjoy it! 

If you want to be the first to find out when the kit is being launched, please register for my newsletter below so I will keep you on the loop! 

P.S.: In this photo you can see me presenting an earlier version of the kit on my Post Grad in Innovation.

The Wine Tasting Kits by Glorious Wines - Coming Soon!








International Grapes Wine Tasting Kit



Glorious wines aroma kit

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