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So…Can white wine be made with red grapes?

Yes! It definitely can.

While the majority of white wine are made using white grapes and red wine from red grapes, it is possible to make white wine using red grapes.

Yes, sure Gloria… give me an example….

A great example is Champagne. Champagne is traditionally made from the following grapes:

  • Chardonnay (white wine grape)
  • Pinot Noir (red wine grape)
  • Pinot Meunier (red wine grape)

Because the skins of the grapes are removed before making the wine, even using red grapes won’t give you red Champagne.

This type of white Champagne made with the red grapes is called ‘blanc de noirs’ (white of black), and this terminology will appear on the label of the Champagne bottle. So the next time you have your hands on a bottle of Champagne, let’s check if it is a blanc de noirs.

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