Delahunt restaurant (39 Camden Street, Low, Dublin 2) has a fabulous looking venue with private tables, elegant and with super friendly and helpful staff.

The offer a menu with snacks, fish, meat, cheese, and dessert (€80).  They don’t currently offer wine pairing menu as such, but the sommelier provided us with great advance of which wines to choose from.

We had 3 different wines, one white, one red and wine sweet wine.


#1: Wine: Eric Texier – Adele 2018 (€10.5)

👄 Taste: Fresh & light white wine with nice spicy finish.

🍇 Grape: Clairette & Marsanne (white grape varieties)

🇫🇷 Region: Rhône, France.

Food match:

🐟 Cured & torched trout, apple, cucumber, sorrel.

🐠 Halibut, broccoli, preserved lemon with oyster emulsion.


#2 Judith Beck – Out 2019 (€13.5)

👄 Taste: Cherry, spicy, slight acidity, and savoury notes.

🍇 Grape: Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt (red grape varieties)

🇦🇹 Region: Burgenland, Austria.

🐑 Lamb and Jerusalem artichoke.


#3 Killahora Rare Apple Ice Wine, 2018 (€9)

👄 Taste: Green apple, orange peel & butterscotch

🍏 Apples: Ice wine made from bittersweet cider apples rather than grapes. The apples are frozen, then slowly thawed to make the must (juice). The must is fermented for a year giving the wine a rich and sweet taste. Server chill

🇮🇪 Region: Killahora, Cork, Ireland.

Food match:

🧀  Brie with apple, celery, and walnut salad.

🍫 Chocolate, hazelnut, tonka bean.


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