One of my favourite hobbies it is to go out for dinner. 

Last week-end we ended going to an Asian restaurant called Indo Chine in Dublin. 

It is definitely my favourite restaurant at the moment, incredible food, full of flavour dishes, lovely staff and cool atmosphere.

My favourite dishes were:

  • Bites: raw oysters 🦪
  • Starter: kanom jeeb (prawn dumplings) 🍤
  • Main: fried sea bream 🐟
  • Dessert: indochine spiced beignets 🍩
  • Wine: Voignier🍷
Raw Oysters
Kanom Jeeb (Prawn Dumplings)
Fried fish with sauce
Spice Beignets (Donuts)
Glass of Viognier white wine

How to match spicy food with wine?

It is always a good idea to have water with spicy food, as the spiciness of the wine can make the wine taste funny and quite unpleasant.

If you really want to have a wine with your dinner, Viognier is a good option as it has body and can hold spicy food quite well. However my advice to you will be to have some water with the food and have the wine as a second dessert.



🍷Viognier is an aromatic white wine that pairs well with spicy food. It tends to be dry and have body, with exotic scented like pear, peach, violet. Viognier is considered a high quality wine originally from Northern Rhône (Condrieu), but also grows in southern France and New World countries.


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