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Do you have a special occasion coming up soon?

  • A big birthday celebration?
  • Looking to do something fun with your work colleague or clients?
  • Planning your wedding? Maybe you fancy getting married in Barcelona

If so, you are in the right place! As in addition to my love for food and wine… I am a great organiser and an experienced event manager.

I have organised wine tasting events, corporate events (customer markets, networking events, CEO stakeholders updates). You name it, I have done it. And yes… I do have a fabulous reputation on making parties great. I come from a corporate background, but I also have a Certificate in Professional Cookery and I am getting my Professional Advanced Wine qualification very soon.

So, let’s work together to set up your perfect event. Email me at info@gloriouswines.ie and book your appointment now!

Ah yes, of course we also do virtual events. 🙂 


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