• Strong wines with a soft structure, with spicy and delicate fruit notes.
  • Different styles; from rosé to red wines, from dry to sweet wines.
  • Food-friendly wine.


  • Garnacha is a red grape variety originally from Spain, known as Grenache in France.
  • Garnacha wines are light in colour, but powerful in taste. The wines tend to be full bodied, with low tannins, medium acidity and high in alcohol.


Aromas & Flavours 

  • Red fruits: strawberry, red plum, red cherry.
  • With age: caramel, dried fruits, hazelnut.

 Note: Garnacha grape is also used for rosé wines. Those wines tend to have raspberry notes, and they have a sweet perception.


Different styles of Garnacha wines to try

  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape (from France). Here the grape is known as Grenache.
  • Priorat (from Catalunya). Here the grape is known as Garnatxa. These wines tend to be made with 100% Garnacha.
  • Sardinia (from Italy). Here the grape is known as Cannonau.


Garnacha is a food-friendly wine

  • Roasted meats and vegetables.
  • Ethnic foods. It goes particularly well with spices. However, avoid spicy food as the high level of alcohol will make the spicy food seem even more spicy.
  • BBQs

Wine serving temperature 

  • Room temperature, around 16°C – 18°C  

Grape variety also known as

  • Alicante
  • Cannonau  (Italy)
  • Garnacha tinta
  • Garnatxa negre (Priorat, Catalunya)
  • Grenache / Grenache noir

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