Rioja is actually a wine region from the north of Spain. The capital city of la Rioja region is Logroño, a fabulous place to visit if you like quality tapas and wine.  If you are ever in Logroño you must visit La Calle Laurel.

Rioja produces both red and white wine, but reds are more known internationally.


So, now to answer the question; is Rioja wine only from Spain?

Yes, it is. However, the grape used to make Rioja red wine is Tempranillo. Tempranillo grape is also used in other Spanish regions and in other countries like Portugal.

  • In Portugal the Tempranillo grape is known as Tinto Roriz or Aragonez.
  • In Ribera del Duero Tempranillo grape is know as Tinto Fino.
  • In Catalonia this variety of grape has a curious name “ull de llebre” which translates to “eye of hare”.

The name of Tempranillo comes from the Spanish word “temprano” (early).

Tempranillo wine from la Rioja tends to be have red fruit aromas and flavours, like strawberry and plum. There are full-bodied with medium acidity and medium tannins. Most are aged in oaked barells.

    Tell me more about La Calle Laurel:

    La Calle Laurel is a street where you can find over 70 bars, where you can eat incredible tapas and taste fabulous wines at really good prices. A glass of wine ranges from €1.60 to €2 per glass!

    Click here to learn more about Tempranillo, like their aromas and flavours.


    Rioja Vineyard in March

    Rioja vineyard in March




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