When it comes to drinking wine there are three ways you can drink wine:

  • Fast: Drink in the way you drink a glass of water when you are very thirsty: i.e. big sips and minimal attention to the wine.
  • Chill out: Just relax with a glass of wine without thinking too much about it. Simply enjoy the moment.
  • Slow: Pay attention to what you are drinking and notice not only the wine aromas and flavours, but also the wine texture and body. If you are interested in learning more about how to do this, keep reading.

Wine tasting is a useful way to:

  • Learn about wines
  • Learn how to pair wine with the right food
  • Select the right wines for a special event, dinner, party or for your own café/restaurant.

Wine tasting steps:

These are 4 easy steps:

  1. Look
  2. Smell (smell, swirl and smell again)
  3. Taste
  4. Think

If you fancy learning a bit more about the basics of Wine Tasting, check out my post here.



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