Sometimes wine can smell quite strange, like wet stones, petrol or even a pair of smelly socks.

Wine aromas and flavours are subjective and they depend on our sensory memory.

The fact that we can smell citrus in a wine doesn’t mean there were lemons around when the grapes were growing. It is not like honey where the flower and herbs that are around will change the flavour of the honey. When it comes to wine aromas and flavours it depends on:

  • the grape variety,
  • where the grapes are grown, and
  • how the wine is made.

For example, Riesling tend to have very peculiar aromas, like petrol or rubber. But please do not be put off by this smell. Riesling are incredible wines, full of freshness and they make a great pair with food.

3 things to know about Riesling:

  • They are aromatic, fruity and floral
  • There are different styles, from bone-dry to very sweet
  • They pair well with food


If you fancy learning a bit more about Riesling, check out my post here.



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If you fancy learning a bit more about Riesling check out my post here.

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